TV advert MG 3 / MG 3のテレビCM

What does everybody think? Please let me know! Nice TV advert that shows the car from all sides and the personalization options (in the UK that is)….. I like it and I hope that MG will finally have turned the corner in their home market! Pity it still is only available in a manual…


Hospital again for more tests

Today we had to go to hospital again with Mei for some final tests. We went by car together with Mei to work as it was a normal work day. From afternoon we went to hospital where we first had lunch. Then we had to go to the “monitor / X-ray” department where Mei was scheduled for a bladder test. A catheter was put up her urinary tract and then her bladder was filled with fluid while X-rays were taken. This was the test to see if the bad kidney was connected to the bladder or not (chance of infection is higher than seems). But all was well as the bladder only filled up in an egg shape leaning towards the right, the working kidney.

After the test we had to go to urology to receive the results of last weeks tests. Doctor said that as expected the left kidney is not working at all, but reasons why it has not shrunk in size he was unable to give.

Now we still have to go to hospital once every 4 months for a check-up, but as she is developing without problems and the working kidney is doing the work of 2, he recommended us to wait with any operation. It might not be necessary at all, but that will be decided after having more tests at the same hospital in the future….

A weekend in Kyushu without the apartment

Last weekend it was our first weekend after having cancelled the apartment. We had to stay at a hotel so to save costs, I no longer am able to go on Friday to pick up Sui, we now all went on Saturday. Very early morning for a weekend as we left house at a bit past 6 in the morning. With a break around Hiroshima we arrived in Kyushu at around noon, perfect timing for lunch. As Sui wanted to eat sushi, we went to a sushi restaurant and killed time there as check-in at the hotel was only from 15. Well, I have never spent that much at a sushi restaurant as the kids (especially Ran) ate a lot!

Before lunch we went to a pharmacy though to buy make-up as Miho had forgotten to bring her make-up and as she feels so naked without, we had to buy it….

After lunch we went to a supermarket and Uniqlo. We needed to buy some stuff for Mei and for Sui and groceries for that nights dinner. Hotel was very nice (little expensive though) as it had 2 big beds, a living/dining room and a kitchen where we made our own dinner for the Saturday.

Sunday check-out was at 10, so we left early for a park in Fukuoka (Umi-no-naka-michi) where we killed time till it was time to go home again at 15. Kids played and had fun, we went to a small zoo and rode bicycles. Sui is able to ride a bicycle if somebody runs beside her, but as I did not want to run for the whole 4-5 km, we rented her a bicycle with training wheels. She now also has mastered the steering, so looking forward to the next time and maybe we should then take her own bicycle!

Mei in hospital (tests, tests, tests…)

Today is another day in hospital for Mei. This time not only for the 3 monthly check up, no, today the bad kidney is going to be tested. we had to be in hospital at 0930 and she was prepped for an intravenous drip to put in some radioactive stuff that will show up on the pet-scan she was going to get later in the day. We were not allowed to stay in the room to see how the needle would be set, and we waited outside, waiting for the crying to start, but she didn’t cry at all. She started a bit when we were called in again and when she saw us.

After this we thought we were free till 1230 when Mei would get her medicine to go to sleep so the pet-scan could take place at 1330. So we killed time, and ate lunch at Tully’s and at 1230 we went to the urology department. There they told us that we were expected to have gone to the pet-scan department at 1000 to get the radioactive material shot. Well nobody told us that when we arrived…. They were able to reschedule us but we had to wait another 3 hours.

We eventually got the pet-scan and Mei woke up just when we were ready to go home. DO we now know what is going on? Not really, we will get the results on the 29th when we will spend another half day in hospital.

Lots of time to kill today so Mei practised walking quite a lot, but now Miho and myself have a stiff back…

Mei finally using her birthday present!

For Mei’s first birthday we bought her a push cart to practice walking. At first she did not give the cart a single glance, but now finally, 2 months after her birthday she has found out how to work it.

The other day when Miho and Ran were studying together, Mei and me started “walking” using the cart. Me holding back the cart and guiding it around corners, she trying to keep up with it. She liked it and therefore learnt what the cart was meant for. This weekend she started walking and using it by herself. She cannot turn the cart yet so she walks from wall to wall, but she will learn shortly!

And as she sees us put stuff in our shopping carts when we are at the store, she sometimes puts stuff in the cart when she passes something…. The shopping DNA is developing already….

Ran and studying

Ran has always not liked school and this became worse when she was forced to move becuase of her parents’ divorce. She had approximately 6 months where she did not go to school at all, one of the reasons why she came back, as she wanted to go back to her old school and her friends.

hen still in elementary school this was fine, as it is not really necessary to study. And in this country it is really difficult to flunk a year so you have to do it over again, it is seen as not good for the development of the kid, so only in the most extreme cases, where the parents ask the school, it is considered and even then, chances that you get a no are big.

Now that she is in junior high though, she has to study. She found out the hard way during her first midterm tests last trimester. She flunked all of the 5 major subjects, the reason why we sent her off to extra curricular classes. She herself hated this and she started hating studying more and more, to a point where even I was close to giving up and pulling the (financial) plug…. But a wonder happened.  Before we went to Holland she got returned all her test scores and she herself now saw, that even by going to the extra curricular classes alone, that her scores had improved. Now she wanted to go to the extra classes on her own.

Today her midterms for the second trimester started and the past weekend she and Miho (Ran specifies Miho as I cannot do Japanese and she probably still thinks I am too strict of a teacher) have been practicing and studying together, trying to solve problems. Yesterday they studied until almost 23 at night, so you can understand that I kind of look forward to her getting better scores! Well as long as she now sees that she is doing it for herself and her future, not to please her father and step mother.

I wonder though, would Yoko have done the same to support Ran? Probably not, as it was she that gave up on Ran when she stopped going to school, as in her opinion: “you cannot force a kid if she herself doesn’t want to”…. Does that make a good parent?

Recall of the car

In the UK the MG6 was recalled as there could be a problem with the wiring harness behind the dashboard. Have received the bulletin from my garage in the UK and planned half a day today to take a look. Took the car apart according to the bulletin and I had one wire that had minimal insulation damage. So in the end I only redid the black PVC tape around the wiring harness and reassembled. Have asked my UK garage if the clip to reattach the wiring to the body is necessary in my case as it was in the bulletin as I had just minimal damage and the original clip was already loose from the body anyway.

Had a stability control failure after starting the car, but this cleared when I started driving the car although at first I though I had forgotten to reattach a multiplug into the BCM so had taken it apart again to check….. So in the end it took me 30 minutes longer than planned.

Job done and now it is time for lunch, Korean BBQ with Ran!

That time of year

Yes, here in Japan, this time of year at almost all schools it is the annual Sports Day. Supposedly a fun day out for everybody, but so different from Sports Day in the Netherlands. I still remember Sports Day as being a very fun day you looked forward to if you were good at sports as you would be “battling” all your classmates in all kinds of different sports. You would be busy the whole day, and most important, no parents watching or cheering you on….

Here in Japan it is different. It all starts with a lot of speeches by different people and then the kids are divided into 2 teams, usually red and white and they battle the other team, but only in the “sports” designated for the kids, depending on their age. Most of the time the kids just sit on the side as it is not their turn. All the parents that are there cheering their kids on, of course most of the parents come in sneakers and trainers, are then of course bored out of their minds (well I am).

Last 2 years I went to Kyushu to attend Sui’s Sports Day, but today was also Mei’s Sports Day, so ended up going there of course. Mei cannot walk yet, so what can she do? Well they had a crawling race where she had to go to mom and try to beat the other baby (Mei won her race, so already very athletic! ;-) ). After that a dance with mom, and then it was finished. Well there was one more thing for her to participate but she was asleep when it was done. Miho and I thought about leaving in between several times but stuck around till the end. A whole 3.5 hours “wasted”, well as long as the kid had fun (Ran was bored out of her mind!), but for me? Please remind me if I have another kid that going to a Sports Day when he/she is younger than 2 is just a waste of time, no matter how cute the kids are….

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