Monthly Archives: May 2012


Ever since Ran moved to Kyushu she has had problems fitting in over there. At first this showed by becoming sick quite often, but in the end it just became a refusal to go to school. After discussing this problem with Yoko and having tried several ways to try and get her to go to school again on a regular basis and finding out that they do not work, Ran herself has now decided that going back to Sanda is the better choice. Ran has decided to go back during the first weekend of June. Yoko and I now have to work out visitation as it will become even more complicated as Sui will (have to) stay with her. I already foresee problems the first day that we have to take back Sui. She will not understand and the first time she has to go back and her big sister stays with us I can already see the tears. It already brings tears to my eyes as well.

I really hope our lawyers will be able to find a good solution fast, but I don’t have my hopes up. I can understand that Yoko decided to move back to her parents as they are the first people to fall back on as she now works, but what about us? If Ran lives with us, we do not have anybody to fall back on and we therefore have to put in every effort to make our working schedules fit around Ran’s schedule. When Yoko was still living here I told her the same that we would be able to work out a schedule but still she decided to go and now we have these problems….

Really hope that Ran will keep her promise that she will go to school every day. I know for sure that I will take 1 week of holidays to make sure that first week. Let’s see how things will go.