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A slow Wednesday

Got up early today. Ran has friends over from yesterday morning, they stayed over so we have a full house. Did have to do the car though so started in the morning and finished at around noon. Let’s hope the coolant now is not leaking anymore. After that I went on towards the garden. Got rid of the grapes, looks better again, now I need to go and buy some new partitioners as the old ones have rotted away so earth from the garden is getting on to the stones. Waiting now for a company to come look at our balcony to install a small roof so even on rainy days laundry can be hung outside to dry.

Tomorrow back to Kyushu.

Guy came, but an extra roof on the side balcony is not possible, so thinking of adding extra hangers on the big balcony. Let’s wait for the quote.

Rover 114 Alternator nightmare

Yesterday evening and today I worked on the Rover 114 Alternator. The alternator on there was new, but because of a stupid mistake in 2009 fitting it, the front bearing went out. As I do not have a bearing puller, I tried yesterday evening with brute force, didn’t work, so decided to change around the voltage regulator and the brushes on an old alternator yesterday. Was really difficult and I couldn’t get it right as when I built it in it would not charge anything, no power what so ever from the unit. Was about to give up when I had this bright moment. I have 2 units, one the back end is fine, but the front is buggered, one the front end is fine, but the back end is buggered, take them apart and just take the good parts from both, assemble and that’s a job well done….

That’s what I did, so the back end is of the newish alternator, the front end with the shaft is from the old alternator. Worked a charm! Charging again at around 14 Volts!

Now you wonder what my stupid mistake was back in 2009, well I didn’t put the pulley on tight enough so it came loose when driving and thus damaging the bearing along the way. Have I tightened it up this time round? No idea, time will tell as I do not have a vice and no windy gun so it is just trying to tighten the nut as tight as possible. Hope I will have succeeded, if not? Well a new alternator is on it’s way….

My weekend schedule

The weather permitting I will want to work on the cars. 2 weeks ago I fixed the Rover Streetwise that we use as our daily transport. It had a blown headgasket, well after 8 years and more than 100.000 km I forgive the car. Was a whole weekend of work though! With the headgasket I also changed the waterpump and all necessary gaskets and the alternator. Cars drives like a dream again but isleaking a tiny bit from the inlet manifold gasket and the coolant outlet gasket. Parts were ordered in the UK and to top it off I have also ordered a whole new inlet manifold (with everything attached). Parts will probably not be on time though and tomorrow it will rain….

Also need to work on the small car, the Rover 114 (or Metro) as the alternator front bearing has worn due to the pulley not having been on straight. Alternator is newish, but it makes a hell of a skreeching sound now (belt) so the pulley is no longer rotating freely. Will try to disassemble this. Have a repair kit but have also ordered a new alternator from the UK. Let’s see if we can do this this weekend. Busy, busy, busy.