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The Birdman project

This year at the Consulate we have made it our goal to participate in the annual Japanese International Birdman Rally. This is a professional competition where you try to fly as far as possible in a plane only powered by you! This is the second time that a foreign team will participate. In 2010 a Chinese team participated and they flew a little over 500 meters which is very good for teams that participate for the first time. The record is held by a Japanese team, it is 36 km. Of course we will participate with the goal of trying to break this record, as all other teams, but I guess we also have to be realistic and hope for the best as these flights are very depending on the wind and as everybody flies at a different time, everybody flies under different conditions. For an impression of the competition, see here. We will try to enter the Human Powered Distance category. Participation is dependant on approval by the organizers Yomiuri TV

What do we need?

1. a student who will design the plane: this we have found, a student from Delft University who has built a plane before.

2. material sponsors: we have found a few sponsors but not enough. We still need mylar for the wings, foam and balsa wood for the wing ribs and bicycle related materials (sprockets, chain etc.)

3. financial support: anybody that wants to support us, please contact me at +81-6-6944-7276 or by email

4. a team: we cannot do it alone and we will need people that are interested in helping us out build the plane. If birdman experience is present that will be a big plus, nationality does not matter!

5. a pilot: we need somebody that is able to cycle at a constant speed for approximately 2 hours. We are trying to find a professional sporter, but so far no luck yet. She/he has to be between 60-70 kg (max 75 kg) and has to be Dutch! If you know somebody, please let me know.

6. a work place: we are talking with 3 interested parties right now, this will be decided soon

7. a crowd: if we can fly we will need your support at Hikone on the day we fly!

I will try to update this page now and then to show the progress in this project!

The new Facebook?

Well, for those interested, have added a plugin so my page becomes like a social medium, just as a test! You can now get your own famrijken account and post like on Facebook, send messages, chat (I think) etc. Just testing, but as you can see, am having lots of fun with the server! Now if only I had some members….


Borat parody mistakenly played for Kazakh gold medalist –

(CNN) — Kazakhstan sharpshooter Mariya Dmitrienko stood with her hand on her heart and a gold medal around her neck expecting to hear her country’s national anthem at an international shooting championship in Kuwait Friday.

Instead, the sound system blared the insulting parody anthem from the movie “Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan.”

“Kazakhstan’s prostitutes cleanest in the region, except of course Turkmenistan’s,” the lyrics said.

Dmitrienko appeared uncomfortable, but she managed to display a thin smile and remain steady during the ceremony to honor her gold medal win at the Amir of Kuwait International Shooting Grand Prix.

Kazakh sporting officials were outraged.

“We gave them a real Kazakhstan anthem to listen (to),” head coach Anvar Yunusmetov told Kazakhstan’s Tengri News. “They offered their apologies and the next day three flags were raised, everyone stood up and the real anthem was played.”

Kuwait Shooting Federation officials called it an “unintentional” mistake and apologized, but the Kazakh foreign ministry has demanded an investigation.

Kazakhstan, a former Soviet republic, was deeply offended when Sasha Baron Cohen’s “Borat” film hit theaters in 2006. Cohen, a British actor, plays a Kazakh journalist who travels to the United States.

Yunusmetov told Tengri News that the wrong anthem was played earlier when a Serbian shooter was honored.

“Before the awarding ceremony we applied to the organizers and asked them if they have Kazakhstan national anthem,” he said. They assured him they did, he said.

The “anthem” played was downloaded from the internet, he said.

The Kazakhstan Sports and Physical Culture Agency filed an official protest with Kuwait organizers, according to Tengri News.

CNN’s Talia Kayali contributed to this report.

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