About me (for those interested)

I was born ithe south of Holland in 1973 and went to school and university (well partly) in Holland. In the middle of the nineties I got interested in Japan and in 1995 I visited for the first time. In 1996 I decided to study Japanese at a Japanese university in Kita Kyushu City, Kyushu Women’s University….. I am not joking, I was accepted, as a guy, to a women’s university, even my student ID had that so you can understand the trouble I went through to get into movies on a student pass…. Explain? Well I am obviously not a woman, but the university had a special section for Japanese language where guys were also accepted. I can tell you that I was, luckily maybe, not alone!

After the one year I decided to stay as I thought I had found the love of my life, well that was not meant to last and in 1998 I had decided that I would go home again at the end of the year were it not that again I met another love of my life. This time I married that lady and she gave me two beautiful daughters, Ran and Sui, but this relationship was not meant to last and in 2011 the divorce was made final. She took the kids away from me as this country does not know shared custody, but we hammered out a good contract and I still have regular contact with my kids, I am one of the lucky few I guess.

Now I live together with yet again another love of my life, we even work together in the same office! I work for the Dutch Consulate General in Osaka and have been doing this for the past 11 years. A job with lots of ups and sometimes a few downs (when the office is down scaled for example).

In my spare time I like to stay at home and do nothing, or work on the cars I own. If you own a Rover with a K-series engine and you have a problem, ask me!

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